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At UK Power Direct, we take the hassle out of sourcing the best utility supplier for your business to save you the trouble and more importantly, money.

We search the energy market to find the right supplier for you and provide a no obligation report of our recommendations. We’ll even suggest you stay with your current supplier if we feel there’s no benefit in switching.

If you decide to switch supplier, we then handle the migration process and take care of any issues that may arise.

Commercial Energy Savings

Freedom from the hassle of energy contract procurement

Is this you?

Many organisations will manage their own energy supply needs, whether that is going through the complex and laborious searching through the supply market.

Which involves;

  1. Collecting the information about the sites covered, including site addresses, MPAN (electricity) / MPRN (gas) numbers, current supplier, contract renewal dates, annual usage and unit rates/ types.
  2. Contacting current supplier to fill in the missing or confusing data.
  3. Calculating current expenditure for each unit group.
  4. Check current credit status and / or account staus.
  5. Estimate the level of savings you hope to produce from going to the market.
  6. Decide which suppliers to call, knowing that each one will try to commit you to a new contract, will give you an array of facts and figures and then will keep calling you back if you don’t call immediately.
  7. Review the range of offers received, taking into consideration terms and conditions, various length of terms, suppliers service rating and, of course, overall cost.
  8. Deal with any issues raised by current, and any new supplier, ensuring that the contract goes through smoothly.

This is us

We meet with you and listen to your needs. With your agreement, we will fully manage the contract review and application process.

This involves;

  1. Making an appointment for a face to face meeting.
  2. Obtaining details of the supply sites and signed letter of authority.
  3. Analysing the data provided and providing relevant recommendations, in a well presented, written quote.
  4. Organising the chosen supplier documentation and managing the application process.
  5. Keeping you informed throughout the process.

We are independent brokers,

not linked to any one particular supply company. We are batting for YOU!


We collect quotes from all the major suppliers, compare their merits, and report back to YOU, with our recommendations.

 We use our knowledge of price trends to advise on contract duration.

Our service is free, and on-going – we deal with the chosen supplier throughout the duration of any contract we broker.

We are in constant touch with OUR account managers at the various supply companies, thus avoiding the nightmare scenario faced by the average customer – multiple telephone menus, and never being able to speak with the same person twice!!

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Save Time

Get on with your business while we get on with on with finding you the best utility contract

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We'll speak to all the major utility providers, saving you the hassle and ensure you get the best price

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We'll source the best utility deal and save you significant money over your existing contract